about us


Welcome to Grindstones Reflections, I am Jake Plunkett, and I would like to give you some insight into my 10-year history with the floor grinding and polishing industry, and an insight into my vision for the future of my company.

One of my first memories of my father Brendan Plunkett, and Allan Wormald’s business (Grindstones Australia) was driving out to a beautiful property while on school holidays. I was only young and spent most of the day running around down at the river. I was exhausted and wanted to go home but Dad had more work to do, so he rolled out a swag for me to have a sleep in. This story sticks out for me because it sets a foundation of what it is to run a small family business.

A family business is important. It is hard work, sacrifice, it takes dedication, commitment, drive, and can be full of amazing moments!

When I grew older the playing around at work then turned into learning how to work hard and how to handle our machinery.

School holidays then became my chance to save money for a first car, for travelling, for achieving new goals and making awesome memories whilst at the same time learning and developing my skills in the floor grinding and polishing industry, which was fast becoming my passion.

After finishing year 12, I jumped whole heartedly into Grindstones Australia. Thomas ‘Tommy’ Wormald took me under his wing as we worked side by side. Together we took on every single job thrown our way and completed them all to a high standard. Through trial, error and plenty of hours working, we have developed an incredible knowledge on how to hand over beautiful, high-quality floors.

I also formed an incredible relationship with Allan Wormald who has taught me countless lessons. He has helped me walk through many steps of maturity and development as an employee and friend, and I am now taking those lessons into my own business. A personal and professional relationship I am extremely grateful for.

Grindstones Australia has been a huge opportunity for growth and experience in my life. We have handed over hundreds of projects, travelled to the most beautiful properties, speared plenty of fish and laughed our way through all of it!

The last 10 years has built foundations of my business and now I am ready to focus all that I have learnt into bringing my own vision to life.

I am extremely passionate about finishing a polished concrete floor, and very much enjoy the satisfaction of handing over a finished product that I am proud of. My goal is for this passion to trickle into a part of our company culture.

I want to build a small and highly efficient team that puts communication, relationship building and high-quality work as the pillars of success.

When necessary, I want to help educate clients about their flooring choices, I want to help set clear & realistic expectations and I endeavor to meet them every single time.