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Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a high-end decorative finish that involves mechanically grinding, filling and hardening the surface to achieve a resilient, easy to clean, beautiful floor. The finish is becoming a very popular option all around the world! The practicality of using the raw materials on site, amazing variability in finishes and the innovation of tooling has made it an extremely desired product.


floor preparation

Our Husqvarna machinery is the perfect choice for providing a safe and efficient way to prepare floors. It gives us the capability to cut floors flat and remove all kinds of toppings, and adhesive compounds. All our vacuum systems are fitted Class – H to align ourselves with the newest legislation regarding Crystalline Silica Management. We take our Silica Management very seriously and will continue to set a professional standard for the whole industry.

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concrete coatings

Our ability to prepare concrete surfaces makes all the difference when applying coatings. Grinding and filling our floors, followed by a hard surface clean makes for excellent adhesion, smooth finishes and a long-term product. We have close relationships with multiple suppliers meaning a huge range of products and options we can help you choose from.

trip hazards

Our machinery is specifically designed for fast and effective concrete trip hazard removal! The benefit of our technique and machinery means your surface is functional on completion of work. It is also extremely cost-effective compared to other solutions on the market.


Investing in specialised equipment and being up to date with current techniques enables our team to deliver an effective clean on all hard surfaces. The combination of chemicals, high pressure, heated water connected to a wet vacuum system is the safest and best approach for a quality product.

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